Shipping, Returns, & Exchanges

All sales are final. Returns under extraordinary circumstances will be subject for review. Please report any concerns or issues regarding your item within 7 days of receipt. Please include detailed photographs. 

Shipping Box: Shipping box flaws that doesn't affect the contents is not considered as damaged when claiming for shipping insurance.

Figure: Due to the nature of the items being mass produced, inconsistency of paint and finish is expected. Slight manufacturing variations and paint blemishes is unavoidable. We do not offer exchanges or returns for this reason. 

Product Packaging: We try to send the best possible condition of boxes however, we cannot guarantee perfection. Items are designed to be displayed outside the box and having them inside the packaging is a personal choice. We are unable to replace packaging/box.

Tracking: Please allow 48-72 hours for your tracking number to update. Sometimes, it takes a while for your item to be scanned. Please be aware that there may be occasional delivery delays due to being a weekend, or a calamity, holidays, etc.

Extraordinary Circumstance

Seller Error: Please contact us immediately within 7 days of receipt to report an error such as receiving the wrong item. Photographs of the item including original packaging is required.

Damage In Transit: If your order came in damage. Please immediately take photographs of it (shipping box and contents) so we can initiate and forward claims to the shipping company. Minor packaging flaws that doesn't affect the contents of the package is not considered as damaged and claims cannot be initiated from the shipping company.